Wallet Holster Ruger

Wallet Holster for Ruger LCP and Kel-Tec P3AT LEFT Handed Brown with Crimson Trace Laser


Our pocket holster has been seen extensively on Youtube. See that for more details. Buy here for the best deal. This very high quality holster was designed and sold by law enforcement officers who understand the law and the importance of concealed carry. This will last like any fine quality leather will. These just have the look, feel and even smell of a real quality leather, because they are exactly that.

This holster allows the owner to reach in the rear pocket and slide the trigger finger along the slide to index along the slide and outside the trigger guard, the two middle fingers to wrap around the grip and draw the weapon with a proper, safe grip. Nothing else works like this, or is as safe. Perfectly legal where you have a permit. All our holsters are made in the USA and are constructed exclusively of Hermann Oak Leather, and made from US Steers. Hermann Oak Leather Company supplies our leather and has been around since 1881. Nothing foreign touches our holsters. Grown, tanned, constructed and delivered to and from the USA. These are vegetable tanned and dyed with a water based dye so nothing will harm the firearm. Most holsters are made from leather tanned using a chromium based process. Not ours. Designed by our instructors at Talon Training, and tried and tested to ensure you are getting the best there is. Our no-bull warranty guarantees that if you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund. If it breaks, ever, we will replace it. (Routine age and wear, is normal, of course.)

This is the Brown, Left-Handed version with CTLaser. Others are available. The photo shows a right-handed holster, left is opposite.