Tips to Check After Buying Concealed Carry Purse Online

What to Check After Buying Concealed Carry Purse Online

by: fayinmar

Here are the things to consider when you receive a concealed carry purse or handbag that has been purchased from online store:

  1. Make sure you receive your items as you want. Check the name of the item and the item code that you received with your purchase records,
  2. Check for damage to the purse. You can return it if there is damage to the concealed carry purse or handbag you bought. Web stores such as amazon accept the return of purse if the purse you have purchased is damaged when received,
  3. There is usually a purse that provides two straps, short and long. Check that both the strap is on the purse package you receive,
  4. Check the zipper of the purse you buy, whether it is functioning or not. In the future, when you use your purses, zipper can make you very upset when it is not functioning correctly. Good zipper runs very gentle when you pull it.
  5. Do not accept the package if there are signs had been opened before or the seal is torn. Promptly return any package with broken seal. Contact web store customer service immediately. The web store usually have limitation for customer to make a claim of the inapropriate product.
  6. Check inside the purse and see the pocket or holster inside. Check if there are loose threads or torn pocket. Because the purse for concealed carry is usually a mass product manufactures by machine, sometimes there are a purses or handbags for conceal carry that is inaccordance with the product standard.
  7. If everything OK, you may start using it.