Tiffen Domke PhoTOGS Vest X-Large Khaki

Tiffen Domke PhoTOGS Vest X-Large Khaki

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Tiffen Domke PhoTOGS Vest X-Large Khaki

This is a great vest for a lot of things. This carry vest fabric comes up the front and down the back, effectively creating suspenders for heavy items in the front and back pockets.

With this vest you can carry a full size dSLR with a battery grip in one of the front inside pockets, and a decent size lens in the other. The back pockets are huge.  With many pocket you can arrange to carry one or two small lenses here and there.

Even if you bring a camera bag you will find this photography vest is very useful. The vest will keep all of your personal items in, like glasses, sun glasses, cell phone, MP3 player, and on and on……… And the good part is that you could hang it up near a wall outlet and charge all of your devices, and the vest will be ready to go the next morning with no hunting around the house for everything!

Definitely a good buy. This is the best for the money, both quality wise and for the fact that it meets a photographer’s needs.

This vest is build by asking first to the pro what qualities they looked for in tough utility clothing and they told us. So here are all the features they wanted in one great vest.

  • Tough utility clothing made with 100% cotton and mesh panels for cooling ventilation
  • 18 pockets in all with cargo pockets, pockets with weather-tight zipper closures, huge back packets, pen/pencil pockets, roomy hand-warmer pockets
  • Padded and quilted shoulders with raised collar for extra comfort
  • Heavy-duty double-pull zipper provides an adjustable closure for greater comfort
  • Stylish khaki color in extra-large size

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