Stud Concealed Carry Handbag Gun Toten Chrome

Gun Tote’n Mamas Chrome Stud Concealed-Carry Handbag (GTM18)

This Gun Tote Stud concealed carry purse is a slim, 5/8″ adjustable leather strap with bridle-style buckles with strap clips on and off, works for over-shoulder or cross-body carry. The concealed carry pocket can be accessed left or right handed. It has universal holster included. With super-soft, strokable leather with silver studs, this handbag for concealed carry is perfectly match for u who needs to carry CCW.

Super-stylish Chrome-Studded concealed carry handbag in extra-soft pig nappa leather. The bag comes in black, and is decorated in chrome studs on front, top, zipper pulls, and stress points. Front flap is held in place with a hidden magnetic ‘snap’, and hides an open, front pocket, and covers access to the main purse compartment. Main compartment includes a zip, rear pouch, and is constructed of wipe-clean vinyl. Rear of bag has a horizontal, zipped pouch, and a flip-down concealed-carry compartment which opens on 3 sides for easy access to weapon. Concealed carry pouch can be accessed by left or right hand, and includes a universal holster which can be adjusted for a custom draw angle. Concealed carry pouch measures 8″ wide, 6″ high, and works best for pistols and slim weapons. CCW pouch is padded to prevent printing, and the leather zipper pulls makes access a breeze. Bag measures 9″ wide, 9″ tall, and 3.5″ deep. Strap measures 44-52″ with a 21-25″ drop. Strap is 5/8″ black leather with 5 rows of stitching and bridle-style buckles for adusting length. Strap can be worn over-shoulder or cross-body and can be easily clipped on or off. Be the envy of your friends with this adorable bag, and they will never know what secrets you hide!

This is a customer experience who bought it for his wife:

“Got this for my wife for Christmas, and though she hasn’t seen it yet (it’s only Dec. 19th as of this writing), I am certain she will love it. It is well made and truly feels of quality construction and thick leather. It should hold up a good long time. My only concern is that is is a little smaller than I imagined, though I think this was just me. I will be perfect for smaller 9mm or .380’s. She has a small revolver, a Taurus 605 that I hope will fit in there as well, but we’ll see.”

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