Smart Deep Concealed Carry Handgun Holster

Our Deep Concealment Holster will allow you to wear the clothing of your choice. You will have complete freedom of your body movements with no restrictions. Your firearm will be close and very secure without anyone being able to detect you are carrying. The deep concealment method is particularly usefull for active people. Works equally well for men or women or right or left handed individuals. You will not want to leave home without it.
Our quality of construction is second to none. We have built our holster from the toughest lightest Nylon fabric available. Nylon is also very moisture and stain resistant and washes easily in a standard washing machine.
There are many excellent how to videos on You Tube dealing with Deep Concealment Holsters be sure to check these out for more detailed information.

Customer who already bought it said that the holster is perfect for the Walther PPK/s and similar sized pistols, or smaller. Another customer said that the holster has a soft materials, very low on waist concealment. Holster fit for large frame weapon. easy draw of weapon.