Ruger Holsters for LCR 38

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCR

New From: $62.80 – $82.70
Variations: (HandOrientation):
Right-handNew from $63.96 USD

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Ruger Holster LCR 38

After two decades of universal praise for the Ankle Glove, Galco has added the Ankle Lite to the Concealed Carry Lite family of holsters. Using the same wide neoprene ankle band and Velcro closure as the Ankle Glove with Center Cut Steerhide for the holster, the Ankle Lite combines extended wearing comfort with unmatched security. Additional comfort is provided by sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle, while speed of draw is enhanced with a reinforced thumb break retention strap. The Ankle Lite may be worn with or without the optional adjustable calf strap (sold separately), and accommodates ankles up to 13″ in circumference. Made for semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers, the Ankle Lite is available in right or left hand draw in black or khaki finish.


Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCR

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCR


Here is ther review from galco ankle ruger holster customer:

“This holster, an improvement over Galco’s previous version, used with the Ruger LCR, is the best ankle holster I’ve ever used. Within moments of putting it on for the first time I nearly forgot it was there. Ankle holster comfort is a product of the holster, the handgun, and probably the user’s anatomy, and for me this is a winning combination!”

“This holster is of high quality. I can see that it’s been carefully stitched and crafted. It’s comfortable and feels lightweight, but at the same time, it’s very sturdy. At first, I didn’t think it fit my gun because it was so tight, but I worked my gun in by wrapping it in a plastic bag first. I think I’ll have to go through a lengthy break-in period, but that’s good because then I’ll have a custom fit.”

“Received this item very quickly from the seller. I feel like I paid a little extra, but it was worth it, as the quality of the stitching and materials is top notch. It securely holds my Ruger LCR with CT. It was a little tight at first, but stretches to fit nicely after a couple of days. The holster itself feels great, after a few minutes I forget it’s there. There’s a sheep like padding next to the pistol which makes it comfortable to wear. Have already shown and recommended to others. Would buy again.”

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