Concealed Carry Vest – What You Need To Know

Some Reason to Consider Buying Concealed Carry Vest



If you are a kind of guy who likes being outdoor and carrying many things at the same time, a concealed carry vest is a must have clothing as your companion. It’s the easy way to conceal your sidearm; a concealed carry vest goes with everything from a dress suit to a T shirt.

They are handy for carrying stuff and for concealment of a handgun. It can also be used for purposes other than carrying concealed weapons. Concealed carry vests would be very functional for outdoor activities even for those who never carry guns. Other kind of vests having similar functions to concealed carry vests are tactical vests, photographer vests, and travel vests.

Concealed carry vest’s features

A good concealed carry vest can be seen from its construction. It should be well made, long lasting, and the price is right. Some vests are roomy enough to wear over your cool weather flannel shirts or a sweater.  Some of them also have side straps for adjustments that allow you to cinch it up or let it out as needed. A good concealed carry vest hangs from the shoulders in a well balanced weight whether it is unzipped or fully zipped. The vest is distributing weight evenly across the shoulders.

Some concealed carry vests can only be worn during the winter and early spring months, but there are also concealed carry vests with different material which can be worn during the summer. A comfortable vest has a vented back in order to be well ventilated, so you won’t sweat in it. It usually has a slit on the back with mesh underneath, to let air through in hot weather. As to the vest in general it is loose fitting, people normally wear a vest over a shirt and on warm days you want the circulation that the loose fit and the nice mesh will provide. Some vests allow you to adjust the fit more than 4 inches on each side, without it looking funny, for an eight inch reduction. Leather vest is usually useful when you ride a motorcycle.

The number of pockets is also one of the most important features, because that was the main function of this vest, to carry stuffs. The pockets, though numerous, should be tough and keep closed. It was comfortable right out of the package. The pockets can hold an incredible amount of stuff without being in any way obvious — even when the vest is hanging on a chair, so it’s suitable for those who don’t want a tactical look. It allows totally inconspicuous carry anywhere. The inside pockets of some vests work for left and right handed people and no matter what you carry.


Who needs a concealed carry vest?

Anyone can wear concealed carry vests. Person who travels a lot will benefit from this vest. If you like to have small tools on hand, a checkbook, an ipod, glasses, credit cards, some change and money, and a couple of pens, and a phone, and keys, then you need this kind of vest. This vest carries all that with lots of pockets to spare, and it doesn’t look like you’re carrying anything! With a concealed carry vest, you can carry a concealed handgun, extra mags, a flashlight, pepper spray, an iPhone and maybe even an iPad – all at the same time. You will like the multiple pockets, which are almost all roomy and easy to access. Pockets for a pad of paper, knife, flashlight, compass, and anything else that you need.

A concealed carry vest would also work for photography. It will carry just about everything you want to have with you on a regular basis. This is not a substitute for a photography case or backpack due to the lack of padding, but you can easily carry a small digital for pictures better than your cell phone will take. However, it would also be great for any fisherman/fisherwoman who needs lots of pockets for carrying hooks, lures, etc.


Even if you need to carry a lot of things when you travel with an airplane, you can save your money for additional baggage costs. You can reduce check in baggage. Well, you can easily carry 20 pounds for free on board with a concealed carry vest and take it off when you’re in your seat or stuff it on your carry on afterwards :). You can literally put all your heavy computer equipment, food, shoes in this vest and then leave your one “personal” bag full of other things. When you get to your destination, you can simply put the vest back into your baggage when you get it at the carousel. Just hope the airlines won’t make you get on a scale and start charging you for body weight!


I would recommend concealed carry vest to anyone who likes to carry around a lot of stuff but doesn’t want a purse or a fanny pack, or bulging pockets. Before you invest hundreds for a concealed vest, you can look at our vest collection at the right price.