Inside the Waistband Holster for the Ruger LC9 without laser RIGHT Black

Inside the Waistband Holster for the Ruger LC9 Without Laser Description

Our Inside the Waistband (IWB) was designed to fit very discretely under a shirt, inside the pants. It is a terrific holster.  Buy here for the best deal. This very high quality holster was designed and is sold by law enforcement officers who understand the law and the importance of concealed carry. This will last like any fine quality leather will. Perfectly legal where you have a permit. All our holsters are made in the USA and are constructed exclusively of Hermann Oak Leather, and made from US Steers. Hermann Oak Leather Company supplies our leather and has been around since 1881. Nothing foreign touches our holsters. Grown, tanned, constructed and delivered to and from the USA. These are vegetable tanned and dyed with a water based dye so nothing will harm the firearm. Most holsters are made from leather tanned using a chromium based process. Not ours. Designed by our instructors at Talon Training, and tried and tested to ensure you are getting the best there is. Our no-bull warranty guarantees that if you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund. If it breaks, ever, we will replace it. (Routine age and wear, is normal, of course.) See our videos on how to draw from concealment.

Rght Handed Version.

Here’s the IWB Holster Features for Ruger LC9 Features:

  • Metal Clip secures the holster inside the pants.
  • Fits the LC-9 without a CT laser on it.
  • Fits Ruger LC-9 RIGHT HANDED
  • Double thick top to prevent the holster from going flat to allow easy reholster.
  • Molded to fit the LC-9 and no other pistol


And of course here is a complete review from Michael Dill, an amazon verified purchaser for Inside the Waistband Holster for Ruger LC9:

Title says it all. I have used this holster as an EDC for several weeks now, and I have yet to find anything that I dislike about it.

The metal clip holds tight and works perfectly. My belt is not the widest that the clip allows, and this gives me a natural cant toward the slide (the grip sticks up a little). This makes drawing and wearing MUCH more comfortable and easier. The clip has a cut out section that hooks upward and toward your belt so that the holster WILL NOT let go as you draw, no matter how hard you yank on your weapon. Definitely a clip that I will trust my life to if that kind of situation ever arises.

-Leather, outside
The outside of the holster has a rough texture that grips onto the fabric of my pants (whatever they may be) and helps with the drawing process. The holster doesn’t move very much along my belt (other than the natural cant due to the slide weight) and it doesn’t wear on my skin throughout the day. After several weeks of every day wear, the “burrs” in the leather seem to be smoothing out as the leather seems to be breaking in.

-Leather, inside
The holster, being pre-formed, needed little-to-no break-in period. The only break-in issue I had was that my slide would move back about a sixteenth of an inch when reholstering my LC9. This went away after a few days, in and out of the holster at least twice a day for press checks. The detent keeps the weapon in place perfectly, but allows a smooth and easy draw at the same time.

The shrouding at the top ensures that the safety (however you prefer it, on or off) will not be changed until you remove the weapon from the holster and change it manually. The sturdiness of the leather, and complete cover of the trigger guard, ensures that the trigger is fully protected from anything that could cause an AD. I chamber a round, with confidence, in this holster every day.

This holster provides enough room for you to chamber a round and not cause damage to your weapon/holster with the LCI. I don’t think (you can’t really tell by looking at it due to space) that the LCI even contacts the holster at all.

-Leather, overall
Right out of the box, the leather had a strong smell from the curing process (I believe). After a couple of days of letting it sit out in the air the smell went away enough to not notice it unless you stuck the holster RIGHT under your nose. The leather seems to be very strong and sturdy. It’s too early to see any holster wear on the weapon, but the fit is so perfect that I’m not too worried about any premature damage to my LC9. The cut makes drawing/gripping the weapon effortless and a thoughtless, natural process. Magazine release, while holstered, is very easy due to the cut as well.

Material holds a perfect stiffness to ensure easy, seamless one-handed reholstering (staying open within the waistline) with a perfect softness of comfort for carry. The material doesn’t collapse after the weapon is drawn unless you’re wearing your belt REALLY tight. As said before, the detent allows the weapon to fall into place effortlessly, but still be held into place tightly without risk of falling out. I can run with mine on my waist and not worry about it flying away, but can draw and reholster effortlessly.

Talon perfected the art of durability, sturdiness, and thinness with this holster (in my opinion). This comfortable holster makes concealed carry not only comfortable, but easy. Safety around the trigger and the manual safety switch is not a concern as they have covered both very appropriately. I recommend everyone try this item out. I have been tempted to buy another one for a family member, or maybe me for when this one wears out, if that ever happens.