Humvee Safari Vest Khaki

This Humvee Safari Vest is a Vented back and mesh liner allows free movement of air around the body. Heavy duty two way zipper. The vest is made from 100% Cotton. Over 20 pockets available to keep your various things so the things you carried won’t occupy yourself.

Product Description

Of course, the best feature of the Humvee Safari Vest  is that it will free up the need to carry a burdensome bag.  The vest features 21 pockets, many of them lined to keep your valuables dry, separated, and easily accessible.  Hooks and D rings for hanging items such as keys, zippered pockets, elastic pockets, snap epaulets pockets, and many more.  The vest is designed to be versatile and it has proven to come in handy while on a photo shoot, out at the ball game with the family, or even while hunting or camping.  Basically, the vest will probably be the most utilitarian piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

This affordable safari vest is a must to have for you all who like to travel. Buying it now won’t make you regret. Here is customer review of this Humvee Safari Vest:

“This is my second photo vest, the first had too much mesh/”rip stop” that- while lightweight- meant it got snagged and actually ripped quite a bit. I was looking for something a little heavier, and this vest is made of a more “solid” heavy khaki. It is not physically heavy, though and the vest sits well on the shoulders. The waste snaps also help keep the vest tighter to the body so your equipment isn’t swinging around on the vest.

I’m a news videographer, not a still photog (though I use a DSLR in my spare time). I can tell you that the lens pockets on this vest won’t hold larger “L” type lenses, so this proobably isn’t for the pro photog. They would easily hold the canon EF-S line like the basic 15-55mm or even the 70-300mm, but again, any of your 70mm wide lenses aren’t coming with you in this vest (however, they are great for holding lav and stick microphones… score one for audio/video!). Also, the eppalets- while a nice idea- are not going to accomodate a ‘real’ camera strap as the loop on the shoulder is only about an inch wide. Still if you were carrying some other item on a string and you didn’t want it around your neck, these would work… and if you still use a real camcorder, don’t worry, the snap does not dig into your shoulder when you’re shooting.

The vest is still taking some getting used to as it is not left-right simmetrical (my last vest was). The filter pockets are good for smaller items and the pockets along the breast/chest easy accomodate mini-maglites, multitools and other at-hand items (the left front pocket with the diagonal zip is an interesting “fast access” touch that I’m already digging). This vest also features a good number of pen pockets, something probably every profession could use. The final really good aspect of this vest is the large rear pocket. This is a good pocket for a light raincoat/poncho, cables, batteries or more tapes if the inner pockets don’t do it for you.

This vest is right for my job, eliminating my need for an extra bag of gear. For those of you in EFP/ENG, I recommend this.”

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