Gun Tote Mamas Crossbody Purse for Concealment – Tooled Shoulder Clutch

Experience the beauty of this stylish handbag done in American Cowhide with embossed detailing made to resemble ‘tooled leather’. Enjoy the stunning patterns of tooled leather while still being able to keep the leather weight light and easy to carry. Entire exteror is done in tan-to-brown American Cowhide, with embossing adorning the front, front flap, and back. Zip pulls are either in chrome or brown leather, with chrome side footman’s loops to attach the removable strap. A removable chrome and leather tassel is also included for ‘bling’. The purse has 3 compartments–the front, expandable pocket covered by the front flap, the main purse compartment which is accessed from the top, and the concealed carry pocket at the rear of the bag. The front expandable pocket has 2 generous gussetted pockets for pens, phone, etc. as well as slots for credit cards, and is held closed by a magnetic snap in the flap.


  • Removable, embossed-leather, slash-resistant shoulder strap works for over-shoulder, cross-body, or as a clutch
  • Concealed carry pouch can be accessed from left or right with holster included
  • Plenty of pockets for phone, eyeglasses, credit cards, and more
  • Stunning bag that is an exceptional value!


The main purse compartment is zip close, and has 2 large pockets, one of which is zippered. The purse is lined in a color-coordinated wipe-clean vinyl. Strap is a slim 3/4 ” wide, removable, and is constructed of embossed tan leather with slash-resistant metal cable. Strap measures 29-53″ in length, with a 12-24″ drop. The bag can be worn cross-body, over-shoulder, or removed for carrying as a clutch. The concealed carry pouch is located on the back side of the bag, and opens on 3 sides with 2 zipper pulls. The pouch measures 10″ wide and 7″ high, and is best for pistols or other flat weaponry. Universal holster included, and back flap is padded to prevent printing. Firearm can be drawn with left or right hand, and draw angle is customizable with velcro hook/loop holster system. Purse measures 10.5″ wide, 8″ tall, and 3.5″ wide.

It is an excellent craftmanship with detail to functionality and purpose. furthermore here is the customer review:

For starters, there are not enough pics uploaded for this product. I’ll try to upload some soon. Secondly, it’s a conceal carry purse… how does it function? Well, 5 stars! The pocket purposed for the pistol is on the outside and is convenient to access. There is a holster inside the pocket which has velcro so you can place the pistol/holster anywhere you desire within the pocket. The pocket itself is very roomy. One could put a couple of extra mags in there if so desired…. this would add additional (probably undesired) weight.

The holster can hold a Glock sub-combact like a model 26 or 27. We put a Kel-Tec PF-9 in it. It will easily hold any short-nosed revolver!

The rest of the purse….? Excellent craftsmanship as well as material used. Let’s face it guys, our ladies are pretty particular about their purses. It has to be functional as a purse or they simply won’t use it. This design nails it! My wife quickly transferred her items to this purse. I’ve shopped for purses with my wife a few times in the past. I know what she looks for. This does have a cell phone pouch which would hold a naked iPhone 4 or similar. We use the tough OtterBox and will not fit into the pouch provided. Sooo… she used that pouch to hold her small wallet that carries her I.D. and a few credit cards. This has zippered pouches for change (etc.), makeup; many slots for cc’s. The main compartment is secured closed with a magnetic “button” that is sufficient. Once you undo the magnet to access the main compartment there are zippers on both sides to slide down to open the mouth of the main compartment giving more than ample access to the goods and sundry items within. Or, if one chooses, you could leave the zipper up and still navigate the various slots, pockets and pouches sufficiently.

The strap for any purse should be strong. One used to keep a gun from getting into the wrong hands… all the more! Again, this strap is made of a single continuous piece of beautifully designed leather with extra strong hardware to attach it to the purse. The strap is long enough to be adjusted to go around the woman’s body or shortened to drape over one shoulder. It will not shorten enough to function as a “hand-bag” however. The hardware used for the strap is such that you would easily (in seconds) remove the strap and use the purse as an evening hand-bag. I just thought I would mention it. Finally, there is a super soft leather tassel which simply adds some elegance. It can easily be detached if one prefers.

In conclusion, Gun Tote’n Mamas really have put out an excellent product with the “whole picture” in mind and not taking short-cuts with quality or beauty! Purses can run into the hundreds of dollars. For One Billy, this hits a home run!

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