Defensive Handgunning: A Treatise On Handgun Carry And Use

When considering the carry of a handgun, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices. Should I carry a gun? How can I carry it so it’s available if needed, but avoid telegraphing its presence? How would the gun be used against multiple attackers or in close quarters? Defensive Handgunning was written by an experienced police instructor. It covers most aspects of carrying a weapon. Having studied the cross-section of available methodologies, Glenn Rehberg set out to combine the most effective techniques into a comprehensive system with no inherent contradictions and few non-standard responses. This, in itself, is no small accomplishment-users can employ simple, effective, and universal techniques when they encounter a dangerous situation. The additional information on mindset, mental rehearsal, and post-shooting actions adds further value. Whether you are a novice considering whether a handgun is right for you, or an experienced handgun shooter looking for new techniques, Defensive Handgunning contains information for all.

Here is the amazon customer review:

” I’m an active handgunner, and a pretty serious training junkie with over 300 hours of firearms training in the past few years. (Hey, some people go to golf camp. I go to shoot stuff camp instead.) I’ve read handgun texts by Andy Sanford, Gabe Saurez and others, and have incorperated parts of each into my style. While the other texts definately had solid information to offer, none offered a solid complete overview of defensive handgunning IMHO.

When I read this text, I was extremely impressed by how it covered the basics of defensive handgunning in a clear, complete, easy to read and understand style. While no book will ever take the place of real training with a solid instructor, this text offers an excellent tool for familiarization in the basics.”