Concealed Carry Ruger LC9

Ruger LC9 With Lasermax Laser Black Right Hand Draw

This is Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry Gun Holster specified for your Ruger LC9. This Pro Carry HD concealed carry holster is to be worn inside the pants between the belly button and the RIGHT hip at the 1 or 2 o’clock position. This specific listing is for RIGHT-handed shooters and comes with BLACK color.

The holster offers a gun specific mold, double lock stitch at all stress points, and a gun blued metal clip that is above any quality on the market today. This holster has a built in forward cant and slide guard bodyshield. A forward cant tilts the barrel of the weapon backwards and the grip of the weapon forward. The slide guard body shield is an additional piece of leather sewn under the top strap on the side of the holster that touches your body. This custom feature keeps the entire unit from digging into your side while wearing the holster. About 60 percent of our customers choose this option. This is a holsters that feature a lifetime warranty and a 100 percent fit guarantee.

Customer review about this concealed carry for RUGER LC9 is the holster fits LC9 perfectly. The holster is getting more comfortable as he wear it more often. And the important things is nobody know that he wearing one. This is a holster that has very good construction. The holster remains open when the firearm is pulled, making it easier to re-holster. That’s way he like it very much.